home Like that look of Windows Vista and have it with you all the time? Well this theme by HDD can give your Blackberry a “Vistalike” look. The homescreen looks pretty good as you have a taskbar at the bottom which has 4 customizable slots. You also have the “Start” button which takes you to the Application section. The date/time can be clicked on to access the Clock feature, as can the battery (Options) and Signal (Manage Connections) buttons. If you look to your left you have 3 customizable slots also. This rounds your total to 7 slots you can play with. Backgrounds look good on this theme since nothing really takes up the middle of the screen. Also with “Vistalike” your going to get a free background pack which I will link you too later.


The Application list is cool, based on the icons that are on “Vista”. So once again everything has a clean look to it and your 3rd party apps don’t stand out at all which is cool. And as usual your notifications and such are at the top.


Been messing around with it on my 8900 thus far and its been running good. No slowdown or resets which is a good sign. I think when setup right keeps everything on your homescreen making it so you don’t have to go anywhere else.

HDD also took the time to create different versions of “Vistalike” which are:
– Zen
– TodayPreview (shows future events when icon is selected (not clicked))
– TodayPlus (shows messages and Calendar events on HomeScreen)
– TodayPlus Messages (shows more messages on homescreen and no Calendar events)
– TodayPlus Calendar (shows more Calendar events and no Messages on homescreen)

So there is something for everyone and works on blackberries.

The “Vistalike” theme is available now at www.hedonedesign.com and works on all Blackberry devices with OS 4.5+. It cost 6.99$ (3.49$ till 6th November 2009)