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Shell theme by Elecite.com

Home Interesting theme from Elecite this time called “Shell”. Its cool as it has if you want to call it a “shell” that opens and closes. When it is closed it shows this greenish background with the usual stuff like date,time, notifications, battery & signal meters.


When it is opened it gives you 9 customizable icons, plus you have the 4 on the side to play with whether in open or closed view. Cool also is if you scroll to the bottom you can change the color of the theme background from red,blue,white, or black.


Icons aren’t bad, but nothing you haven’t seen before. The top layout where your notifications and time is located looks pretty neat. But once again nothing spectacular.


I did like how the different color blends of the gray background with the green highlighting looked and the font is pretty nice and gives everything space. The theme itself to me isn’t the greatest I’ve seen from Elecite. To me the homescreen just seems to look a little cluttered and when u close it the green design just doesn’t do anything for me. All in all ok theme and others will like it to suit their taste as there are different colors for your pleasure to choose from.

The “Shell” theme is available now for the Blackberry Tour, Storm, 8900, and Bold for $6.99 at www.elecite.com

Jason Millionhttp://www.jmillionnyc.com
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