GStyleLogoMini This was really a birthday to remember! Last month we celebrated 4 years in the game, 4 years in operation and we must say we really felt the love for everyone this year. This year was the first year we decided we want to do a reverse birthday, so instead of getting gifts, we gave them away. And boy did we give them away!

Much thanks has to go to first to all of the companies that celebrated with us and was nice enough to gives us a ton of stuff to give to you guys, so please show them a lot of love:

Case Mate – From the iPhone Fuels, to ID Cases, to Blackberry Fuels, and Barely There cases! Case Mate showed us a lot of love and we must thank you very much!

Ooma – Great company, great product, and they came through with our big ticket items. We was able to give 2 lucky winners the chance at free unlimited calls anywhere in the US with their Ooma Telo device! Thank you for support us. Special thanks to Rich and Tami!
Hedone Design – Blackberry users all over got a chance to pick up some of their themes. From the 10 free coupons to the 50 50% off ones, hopefully all you Blackberry users are enjoying your themes. Thank to Hedone and his team! – They provide our readers with 30% off all their Blackberry themes, and Elecite one of our favorites, so we hope you picked up some from them. Thanks guys! Tony from Cocky Culture gave all of our readers 50% off all of his theme for the entire month. We appreciate that, thank you Tony!

Congratulations to all the winners – Moses, Samuel, Mike, Melissa, Denise, Holly, Daphne and Paulie!

Lastly but definitely not least, thank you to everyone who has supported G Style Magazine over the last 4 years and to all the new faces who checked out our magazine. We hope you continue to check us out and spread the word! We promise to keep bringing you all the consumer tech that is stylish, trendy, and fashionable. Here’s to 4 more years and beyond!