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And The Winner of the Ooma Telo Is…

oomatelobox So this is the last big present from us on our 4th birthday. We gave away tons of gifts all month and this is the last one. We ran a Twitter exclusive giveaway where you had to Tweet #gstylebday to enter. What many people didn’t know is that in our other giveaway we had to tweet #gstylebday as well. So even without knowing, they was entered for this great prize.

So in the end who has won the Ooma Telo and unlimited free calling anywhere in the US. That lucky winner is no other than Paulie10024! Congratulations Paulie for winning the Ooma Telo! Just shoot us a DM on Twitter for information on how to get your prize! You have till Monday to claim your prize, otherwise we might have to give it to someone else. Thank you to all who entered.

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