HomeScreen Feel like I can rock out with my Blackberry out with this theme, lol. I like the gray and black background/icons and the indicator has specks of white which look pretty good. “Desire” has six customizable icons with dedicated slots for Manage Connections, Clock, Profiles, and Options. Wouldn’t even know they were there unless you highlighted them. The “Wings” are the battery status and signal bars which are a nice touch.


Icons are pretty gray and basic but that’s cool. I’m actually enjoying the font they used on this theme. It looks pretty cool when you go into your BBM5 and see it as your status. *thumbs up*. Indicator looks good on the 3rd party apps too.


Overall not bad theme and a great look for your blackberry. Ran smooth on my Curve 8900 without any slowdown what so ever. “Desire” is available now for the Blackberry Curve 8900, Tour, Bold, and Storm at