miBerry1 Ya know we must begin this by saying, that Cocky Culture has done it. Tony has successfully gotten pass our ban on any more iPhone/Mac OS Blackberry themes! This theme called m[i]Berry theme (pronounced my berry) is Cocky Culture’s twist on a iPhone styled Blackberry theme.

This theme it uses the basic layout of the iPhone but with custom icons and graphics to better suit a Blackberry (aka the calculator and Calender actually resemble the Blackberry calculator and calender) while still capturing the iPhone appeal (hopefully). I must say when I loaded this theme, I instantly love it. This will definitely become my new primary theme


The bottom dock is stationary while there are 12 icons that can slide in from the right (all icons are customizable!!) He went with one screen showing the icons while the other showing off the wallpaper rather than 2 sliding screens of icons to a)keep it speedy and b) if you need 28 easily accessible icons the app menu is only a click away. Excellent work on this I must say, it really is a hot looking theme! This theme is very wallpaper friendly and again contains 100% original icons.

miBerry3 This theme is available for the Storm, Bold, Curve 8900, Curve 8520, and Tour. The normal price of this theme is $4.95 (very worth it!) but it is on promo for $1.99 for now, so I would definitely snap it up before it changes. Now I’m not sure how long this promo is, but if it ends before the month is over, you can still get it for 50% off during this month to celebrate our 4th B-day. You can get that promo code here. You can pick up this theme at www.cockyculture.com