Home1 If you love your Berry but want it to be a “Hero” sometimes Elecite.com can helps you out with that. Elecite created a theme inspired by the HTC Hero just released on Sprint. On the Homescreen you have a big display for the time, a dedicated weather slot, and four other customizable slots of your choosing. Whats also cool about this theme is the tri-animated windows they created. Slide to the right and you get a cool media screen with pictures, music and media buttons and photos. Slide to the left and you get a cool today section for calendar, call log and messages. Bottom dock has a Connections, Profile and in the middle a “Menu” button.

Home2 (Custom)

The Menu button is cool as it brings up 5-6 slots with Calculator (Storm only), Memo, Options, Tasks, Clock, and Contacts. Hit the little tab at the top and it brings you right back to the 1st screen.

Icon (Custom)

The icons give you the look/feel of the “Hero” and are detailed pretty nice. 3rd party apps go great with them too as you can see.

Msg (Custom)

Another nice “Hero” inspired theme that is great with the tri-animations. I like the Media side the most as I use that a lot. Only thing to me is it seems to be taking a nice bit of memory from my 8900 or maybe it was just me.

The “HTC Hero” theme by Elecite is available now for $6.99 for the Blackberry Storm, 8900, Bold and Tour. You can get it at www.elecite.com