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Palm Pre Theme Review – iPhone and Blackberry OS Themes

prethemerDid you know that the Palm Pre supports themes?  Again thanks to the wonderful efforts of the Pre homebrew community your Pre can now be as fashionable and as stylish as other phones that support these types of customizations.  Currently, there are over 300 themes available for Over The Air (OTA) download using Preware.  You can also browse themes on your computer by visiting Prethemer.com

I decided to start off doing theme reviews by picking a category of themes that folks absolutely love to install…OS themes. Palm Pre purists all around the world might fret at what I’m about to do and admittedly I feel a little ashamed, even a little dirty at having installed different mobile OS themes on my sweet Palm Pre.  Nonetheless, a number of these customizations are quite nice and give the Pre pleasantly refreshed look.

Iphone Theme v. 1.2.1 by OneDeep

This theme is really nice and simple.  The icons are polished and clean and very true to the iPhone icons and layout.  The dialer is also made to look more like the iPhone dialer. I don’t like the fact that this theme gets rid of the rounded edges of the screen and  makes it square.  But other than that this theme is clean and sleek.  The designer of the theme even managed to include chat bubbles in the messaging app.  That was definitely a nice plus.  But one drawback to this theme is that the designer replaced the Sprint operator name with AT&T.  I can accept an iPhone theme on my Pre but as a loyal Sprint customer I think I’ll pass on the AT&T plug.


Blackberry by dog44

This is a very clean Blackberry Theme. I haven’t shown all the customizations in my screen shots but this theme has done a great job of using icons and styles consistent with the BB OS throughout the phone.  It is subtle and easy on the eyes.


Blackberry Theme by vara411

This BB theme is a little more shocking than the previous one.  If you are into bold colors and icons that standout a bit more then this one is probably more suited for your style.  Even the messaging app was customized with the red and gray color scheme.  While I think this theme is a good option for a lot of folks it’s just a bit too much for me.  But the designer does a great job with the icons and the overall styling.




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