Rollin Homescreen Hedone Design has made a pretty eye catching theme here called “Rollin”. Its great as it has a different look then i have seen and the design and placement of everything on the homescreen is pretty cool. The sign post has the signal, date/time and the carrier and blends in perfectly. The battery meter is there and the big Star is your Profile option. Your notifications will appear at the bottom. It has three customizable slots, I do wish there were like two more to round it out too five but its cool tho, might of taken away from the look of the theme with so much.


Icons have pretty good detail in them and have that retro look to them and the 3rd party apps blend in ok with it too. Have your usual things at the top and the background looks great with it. I haven’t tried to change it nor know if you can. But then again why would you right? Lol.


I actually think this is one of the best looking themes that Hedone Designs has made to date! It stands out so much more then the previous themes they have released in awhile. If your looking for a new distinct look for your Blackberries I would get this theme.

“Rollin” is available now for most Blackberry Devices for $3.99 (usually $6.99) till October 10th. You can get this theme at