*UPDATED* The promo code for a free theme by Hedone Design is GStyleMag100

Ok You will need to become a fan of G Style Magazine on Facebook for this one. We will be sending a note to all fan members on Facebook at 1pm Eastern Standard time. In this note, there will be a promo code for the free theme. There are only 10 themes available. So become a fan and act now. At 1:30pm, we will update this post with the promo code. If all 10 haven’t been used yet, you can come here for the promo code, but we’d suggest you try Facebook first.

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Click on become a fan and then make sure to log into Facebook and check out inbox at 1:00pm Eastern Standard Time. Then if you didn’t become a fan, check here at 1:30pm Eastern Standard Time and hope there are some free themes left, Good Luck!