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Hedone Design Celebrates Our 4th B-Day, 10 Free Themes!


*UPDATED* The promo code for a free theme by Hedone Design is GStyleMag100

Ok You will need to become a fan of G Style Magazine on Facebook for this one. We will be sending a note to all fan members on Facebook at 1pm Eastern Standard time. In this note, there will be a promo code for the free theme. There are only 10 themes available. So become a fan and act now. At 1:30pm, we will update this post with the promo code. If all 10 haven’t been used yet, you can come here for the promo code, but we’d suggest you try Facebook first.

To become a fan of us on Facebook, there is a box right there to the right ———->

Click on become a fan and then make sure to log into Facebook and check out inbox at 1:00pm Eastern Standard Time. Then if you didn’t become a fan, check here at 1:30pm Eastern Standard Time and hope there are some free themes left, Good Luck!

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