Home Hide Never liked skulls and swords so much till I seen them look this good on my Blackberry Curve 8900. Cocky Culture brings us a new theme called “Crimson”. As you see it has a dark crimson red color to it mixed with some dark blacks on the homescreen. You get 6 customizable icons on the bottom that can be also be hidden if you just flick your scroll ball up. Want them back just flick down.


The time is located on the right hand side which is cool instead of the usual top spot or something. Notifications sit at the top as do the battery and signal meters. Also when hidden you can access the Profiles screen.


The icons are the usual one you see from Cocky Culture with these mixed with red/black to blend in with the theme as they do. Wish the 3rd party apps didn’t stand out so much but guess you cant really do much about that right lol.


Overall “Crimson” has run pretty good on my 8900 without any slowdown or lag or rebooting which is pretty good. If you like red, black, skulls, bones you should love this, even if u don’t its a pretty great looking theme and will make your BB stand out.

Crimson is available now on at www.cockyculture.com for $4.95 for the Blackberry Storm, 8900, 8520, Tour, 8530i, and Bold.