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Elecite.com Celebrates Our 4th Birthday with 30% All Themes!


This is it everyone, today we are 4 years old. Everyone loves a birthday and all birthdays come with presents! So we are passing the presents on to you! (Though if you want to send us a present, we can talk about that!) If it wasn’t for you guys and gals, we wouldn’t be around, wouldn’t have anyone to read our content. So as a thank you to all of you who support and read G Style, we want to pass on some presents to you!

Our first present is to the Blackberry users. We are heavy BB users here, and one of our favorite things about the BB is the way you can change the look of it with a Blackberry theme. So we talked to some of the hottest makers or premium themes and they have decided to celebrate with us. First up is Elecite.com!

Elecite.com will be offering all readers of G Style Magazine 30% off all of their themes until October 15th, so get them while they are hot! To get this discounts, enter the promo code gstylebday at their store at www.elecite.com when checking out your theme.

If you need a couple suggestions, check out the Blingin theme if you have a older Curve 8300, 8800, or a Pearl. Or the Ulterior theme for you newer BB model users. But really there are a ton of hot themes like, Scion, iBold, Cynosure, Grunge, Amour, Sector, Blossom, and Urban to name a few. Just have a look here to see some of our reviews on these great themes!

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