Home I don’t know if its just me but I think this one down right just looks cool! From the homescreen down to the icons. Elecite has their theme makers at work yet again with this theme called “Spear”. The homescreen has a large digital clock with eight customizable icons located at the bottom in a slot that conveniently shows them one at a time. Cool looking battery/signal meters on the left/right. I like the layout, how everything is placed.

The only thing I find that bothers me sometimes is the silhouette that is draped near the top covering some of the time. At some angles it can blend in with the time making it a eyesore.


The green/white bright icons look cool and blend with the rest of the theme pretty good. Once again you have a big digital clock at the top with your usual stuff that is always there. 3rd party icons look ok with the theme and don’t stand out as bad as I’ve seen in some of the previous themes recently. I’d still love to see theme makers incorporate some of the more used 3rd party apps into their themes.


Overall I think this is a great looking theme for your Blackberry, and it will make it stand out when shown. I ran it on my Curve 8900 for a full day without any slowdowns or crashes which is good news. Can’t wait to see what else Elecite is cooking up next!

The Spear theme by Elecite.com is available for the Blackberry Curve 8900, Tour, and Bold now for $6.99. Sorry nothing for the Storm crowd, hopefully in a future update.