Fall is definitely among us, if your from NYC, then definitely you experienced that drop in temperature lately! With the fall comes the season premieres again, finally something to watch again. So those with HDTVs, what will you be watching this season? Tonight we have the season premiere of Fringe, with Olivia returning from the alternate reality. If you remember last season’s finale she across over to meet William Bell. This season looks to be very promising!

There is also Dollhouse which we followed from start to finale, to about to be canceled, to back for another season. This one has definitely been a roller coaster both on the show and back the scenes! Season 2 premieres on Friday September 25th, and you can trust we will be watching!

There is also House which premieres Monday September 21st, Heroes, and The Office on NBC. The CW11 is looking sketchy with some of their shows, but there still will be Smallville, One Tree Hill, and Supernatural (which premiered last week) for the faithful!

As far as new shows this season, nothing has really caught our attention, but let’s hear from you. What do you plan on watching this season, which shows are you looking forward to catching back up with? Which new ones do you want to check out?

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