Diddy-Angels feat. Dirty Money

This is the first video from Diddy's upcoming album Last Train to Paris, which was scheduled to be released Sept. 22 but has been recently pushed back to November 24. I am not sure if the album will be considered a Diddy or a Dirty Money album. Dirty Money is the group Diddy has recently formed with Dawn, formerly of Danity Kane and Kalenna Harper, a noted songwriter.

I know alot of people are over the whole autotune thing but clearly Diddy plans on continuing the movement. Hopefully, his entire album won't be using the unecessary effect but I see where it serves this purpose on this song. The Biggie vocal on this track truly cements the vibe on this one.

I am officially interested to see what Diddy and Dirty Money have to offer, hopefully he can continue to hold his fans interest for the additional 2 months added to his latest release. I feel with this video he is off to a good start, my only wish is you get a better feel the "group" as a whole.