Home 1st off with this new theme from Elecite called “Analog”, you can never say you didn’t realize your battery was dying. The main focus of Analog is the Battery and Signal meters. There is also a 45 degree sliding dock that has eight customizable slots. Everything fits on this screen perfectly and it runs pretty good.


Icon screen looks pretty good with all the chrome and black all over. Icons look individually done. Big bar at the top for the date and houses your usual notifications. I like the font used for this theme also.


Impressive looking theme and its black and silver colors go so well with the latest Blackberry devices aka the 8900, Storm, Bold.

The Analog theme is available now @ Elecite.com for $6.99 and is only for the Bold, Storm and 8900 devices. Be sure to see Elecite release some themes for the Tour & 8500 soon since the Plazmic 4.7 recently dropped.