Orphanposter Well it’s been two weeks since I’ve last left you with a movie review. While I was away I saw the thriller movie, Orphan. The story is one of a married couple with two kids. After the stillbirth of what would have been their third child, and the long ramifications of what followed after. Kate (Vera Farmiga), and John’s (Peter Sarsguard) marriage is not going so well. They decide to adopt another child to help bring back the love in their household. Their youngest child Max (Aryana Engineer) is so excited to have a sister, she can play with. The older son, Daniel (Jimmy Bennett) is not so happy with the whole idea. So they go to the orphanage and while Kate is downstairs looking at all the kids, John happens to meet a young girl upstairs named Esther (Isabelle Fuhrman).

When Kate comes to find John, she too meets Esther and they are both instantly attracted to her charm and intelligence. They decide to adopt her, and bring her to her new home to meet the rest of the family. Once the whole first impressions start to wear off, things start to happen that only happen when Esther is around. Have John and Kate made a huge mistake in adopting this child, or is it just coincidence? Does Esther have some dark secret she is hiding from them, or is she just misunderstood?

Now first off, I really didn’t think that this movie would keep me interested. I mean they’ve had bad behaving child movies before. I thought I’d seen everything from a kid just being bratty, to a kid that needed their butts spanked, to a kid that needed to be medicated. I was not prepared for what Esther brought to the household. Neither were John and Kate for that matter. This child was beyond evil. The things she did in this movie had me thinking about my kids, and what I would do under the circumstances. This little girl was just too grown for her own good, or should I say bad. The actress who plays Esther is remarkable. She needs an Oscar nomination. I hated this little devil child. The other little actress, who plays Max, was just as good in a reverse roll. She was sweet and innocent, and you wanted her to just get away from Esther’s manipulating ways.

If you saw “The Good Son”, with Macaulay Culkin and thought that was a bad kid. You haven’t seen anything yet! She makes that boy look like an angel. I give this movie 3 sibling out of 4. It was filled with suspense and drama, and had you never wanting to adopt an adolescent child. The movie ran 2 hours and 3 mins, but you would never even realize it. It moves so fast, and keeps you wanting to know more about this little girl that the time flies bye. I didn’t even know it was that long till I read the bio on the movie. It’s rated R for disturbing violent content, some sexuality and language. It was directed by Jaume Collet-Serra. It was produced by Dark Castle Entertainment, Appian Way. It was distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures Distribution.
Reviewed by Eric Williams

Adopting kids is a risky choice. Like gambling if you make the wrong decision, it can be life altering. Ezo
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