Home1 Bring your Blackberry to the hardcore side with this dual screened theme by Elecite. Rocking your Berry out with skulls & roses each screen is very detailed and sharp graphically. Each screen holds 5 customizable icons plus a “switch” button for the next screen giving you a total of 10 customizable spots.

Home2 Whats so cool about this theme is you can change the look back and forth with no problems what so ever, so if you feel like rocking the skulls or the big bird (lol not sure which one it is) you can do so. I’m loving the red,black, & white of the theme. The colors mesh together pretty well. Your usual notifications are at the bottom as to not get in the way of the great design. I do wish there was a battery & signal meter on there somehow so as not to go to the icon screen. Once again we have some nice detail at the top with the skull and in the middle of the skull is bars for your Signal and Battery. Nice cracked wallpaper design in the background. You can change it if you want, I did, but went right back as it fit the theme nicely. Icons are red and black, not bad.


All in all not bad theme at all. I’ll probably rock it for a little while and see how it runs. So far so good. Haven’t noticed any lag or slowdown. The Eerie Theme is available now on Elecite.com for $6.99 for the Blackberry Bold, Storm, and 8900 with dual screens. Sorry no dual screens for the 83xx and 88xx series.