Homescreen So I’m testing out this theme and I’m thinking “the “clock hands don’t seem to go right with the time”. Silly me, I realized they are the battery & signal meters. I think its a very cool look for this theme & it enjoy it.

Icons Screen

You can see why they call it “Revolver” wit the twin revolvers in the background. I like the feel of this theme though with the colors and the design of the icons. it kind of gives it that “rocker” look. Has 6 customizable icons on the front, notifications sit under the clock.

Message Screen

The icons all have a nice splash of black paint behind the white icons. Each 1st party icon has its own look too which isn’t bad at all. Pretty cool looking theme and runs well on my 8900 device. There hasn’t been any lag or slowdown what so ever. I just like how the icons jump out at you. The “Revolver” theme is currently available @ for $4.95 and works for the Blackberry Bold,Curve 83xx, 8900, & Storm.