Funny enough I first spotted this theme a little ways back, but when I saw it I didn’t know if who made it or where to get it. Then a friend of mines over at did a post on Cocky Culture, and that is when while checking out the site I seen the Robotika theme!

I like the concept of this theme. All of the icons are made up of different robot parts and depending on which you have in your top row area, make up how the robot looks. This is a great concept and I love how you can have different Robots!

But it doesn’t end there, on the left side of the screen there is a hidden area that displays 4 fixed icons (messages, SMS/MMS, Contacts, browser) when you click on the arrow. And then on the right side it has another hidden area that displays 3 more icons that are customizable. And for a added hidden feature, when you click on the time up top it activates the clock app.

This is a theme you’ll definitely want and Cocky Culture is currently having a sale where the theme is $3.95 (normally $4.95) and this isn’t bad at all for this hot theme! It is available for the Storm, Bold, and Curve 8900 only.

You can purchase this theme from!

*This post was made entirely from the WordPress for Blackberry app! This isn’t a automated message, just thought you like to know