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And the Winners of Our Tweeteev Giveaway Are!

TweeteevBold We’re actually quite surprise that there was so few who entered in the contest. As much buzz Tweeteev has now, and we had so many clicks onto this post, we are definitely surprise there weren’t more submissions to our little scavenger hunt lol. But to the ones who did, congrats are in order as you will be among the first to have Tweeteev and the bragging rights of being the first!

The winners are: Steven Cook (@scook94), Michael Lawson (@mikerlawson), ryan d (@duck383), Nee (@NeeBabie), and Matt Marenic McFly (@MattMarenic).

Each of these people did the following to be able to win
-Commented on this post with a answer to “1” question of the 5
-Are currently following our @gstylemagazine account
-Retweeted the original tweet which was “[New Post] Do You Want Tweeteev Before Everyone Else? http://gstylmg.com/j by GStyleTeam”

Congrats to all the winners of this giveaway! We will contact you soon when you will be able to get Tweeteev!

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