Do You Want Tweeteev Before Everyone Else?

TweeteevBold So the time has come, we introduced you to Tweeteev here and then we let you know that it was going to be free here. So now we are going to let one lucky person be able to get it before everyone else does here as well!

**NOTE**Due to the fact that Tweeteev won’t support the Storm at launch, this giveaway isn’t for Storm users. Sorry **

So how can you be that lucky one? Well we don’t want to just award any person who just randomly comes to G Style and then wins. We want to reward someone who has supported us or will at least take the time to see what our site is about. And how we will do that? We are going to have some fun with this, and make it a Easter egg type hunt! We will select 5 key fun facts about G Style Magazine and the first person to post a comment with the answer wins! You can only provide ONE answer. Please only provide one answer! And you must be a follower of @gstylemagazine on Twitter & ReTweet this post as well (we will ask what is your Twitter name to verify)

Now if you have been paying attention to what we just said, you should have noticed we said “5” key fun facts. So yes that means 5 lucky people will be winning it ahead of everyone else!! Now this Easter egg type hunt will spread across all of our net locations, so Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, our mobile site, and lour main domain! So here are the clues & what you need to fine.

1) G Style Magazine launched October 2005. What was the colors of our first cover model’s outfit? (Find on our Facebook page)

2) G Style Magazine covered a Latin Pop & B group called Tha Heights in April 2008. What is the other name of member Rafael Valdez? (Find on our MySpace page)

3) G Style Magazine has an on camera personality who talks about cool gadgets, she is our Digital Girl. What is her Twitter name? (Find on Twitter)

4) The team at eVeek was nice enough to hook us up with a Blackberry theme on our 3rd B-Day. What is the name of that theme (Find on our mobile site)

5) We love doing giveaways! What was the last prize we gave away here at G Style Magazine? (Find on our site)

The hunt will begin today and will end this Monday night (12am Tuesday morning). So you have the whole weekend to get it in! Good luck everyone!