HomeScreen Looks like summer fun brings nice bright themes to us as this one called “Solar” by Elecite. To start off this theme is great looking and sure to leave your blackberry green with envy. It is integrated to work also with Weatherbug. A first for their themes. On the homescreen there is 8-9 customizable icon slots for whatever suits your needs.

The biggest thing that stands out is the big digital clock that seems to use the PS3 / Spider-man 3 font you can’t ever seem to forget. The battery meter and signal meter are based on the sun and leaves. Looks pretty cool. The wallpaper looks good with this theme I haven’t tried anything with it yet but i can imagine i will soon.

Icon Screen

The icons for this theme look pretty cool, some look similar to past icons used with little leaves added and some look totally different. The usual time, notifications,etc are located at the top as usual. I have been using this theme thus far and have no problems with it. Runs perfectly fine on my 8900 and haven’t had any slowdowns as of yet. If you want something nice to brighten up your blackberry you’d probably like this.

Message Screen

The “Solar” Theme is available now on for $6.99 for the Blackberry Curve 8900, Bold, and Storm.