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T-Mobile myTouch 3G Event Recap

myTouch3Gphone So yesterday we here at G Style Magazine checked out the T-Mobile myTouch 3G media event and it was a good time had by Chuck Holliday & Jason Million. So if cause you aren’t on Twitter or checked out our little live tweet yesterday, here is some recaps from the event.

– The myTouch 3G has been compared to “self expression”.
– CTO says more android phones for T-Mobile this year besides the myTouch 3G.
– Microsoft Exchange is confirmed for myTouch 3G.
– T-Mobile app-pack confirmed for market in the next couple of weeks.
– Direct bill payment method via phone will be available via Market before August.
– myTouch 3G will come with charger, earbuds, usb cable, nice looking pouch.
– Phone looks HOT, much better than G1 – they’re even throwing in a cleaning cloth with the box! lol
– 2 year phone warranty to be implimented running parallel to 2 year contract.
– myTouch 3G comes with a 4GB microSD card and 512mb built in memory.
– The myTouch 3G interface is much smoother than the G1 firmware update. Feels physically like the iPhone but much much smaller.

This phone will be on sale for $199.99 on a 2 year contract and is available for Pre-order now. If you pre-order that are saying you will get it by August 5th. So check this out now!


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