Home 3 Button ScreenAbout a month ago Hedone Designs returned to the scene with the impressive BussFast theme, and they are back at it again with the FutureX theme. Hedone Designs are always cool as they try to give you everything right on your homescreen without ever having to go to any of your icons.

Homescreen Icons Out

The Homescreen sports 3 buttons which house 5 icons per button giving you a total of 15 customizable icons. Basically get ya 15 favorite apps & get ya favorite wallpaper and ya Blackberry will look as sleek as can be. The wallpaper that comes with it is nice also.


You got to hand it to them for giving each icon such detail to stand out on its very own. I have no problems with them at all whether it be the colors, shapes, etc. The top bar sports your usual time, date, battery, and notifications.

Capture on 07-04-2009 00-53-10 (Custom)

Great theme, runs good on my 8900, and have been enjoying it thus far. Also due to the limits of the 83xx,88x,87xx, it will only sport 5 customizable icons. All I wonder now is what will the creative minds at Hedone Designs think of next. The FutureX Theme by Hedone Design is available now on www.hedonedesign.com for $6.99 and works for the Blackberry Bold, Curve(83xx), 88xx, 87xx, Storm, 8900(Curve), and only on OS 4.5 & 4.6.