Ulterior1 It is very rare that I personally do a theme review on G Style now as I’m lucky to have our staff member Jason Million on the job, but for this one I had to make exception! This theme is called the Ulterior and it is made by the team over at Elecite.com I’ve said it before, and I’ll continue to say it but they hands down make some of the best themes on the market and this is another one!

Let me first say, that I have always been a fan of the Alienware PCs, not so much for all the power they had, but for their style1 I loved the look at the Alienware PC as it was so cool, and futuristic looking! What the team at Elecite.com did was take that look and brought it to the Blackberry! At the very first glance, you see that the theme is a cool royal blue, which is already my favorite color, but then it has a glowing effect to the color.

Ulterior2Their site says that with the hatch closed you have access to the Media, Messages, and Calendar area, but for some reason I only see Messages and Calendar. One of the buttons lets you open up the hatch, which reveals 5 more icons which are customizable. this is a very cool feature to be able to open and close the hatch. This theme oozes with coolness, seriously it does! This is definitely a theme you want to have on you bold, Curve 8900, or Storm to show off the device.

With the main screen, it continues on looking very smooth and futuristic with a top banner area that looks gorgeous (I’m sorry but that blue is doing something to me lol). The icon rows is very neat, only showing two rows of icons that change as you scroll down, and the icons themselves look very sharp and detail. These icons go nicely with the theme, you can see by looking at them, that a lot of thought went into this theme.

Ulterior3To wrap up, this is a theme you will definitely want to have. The team at eVeek/Elecite always push the envelop of their theme designs, and they always pay off big. This is another great theme by the team, and I really applaud them on this one. They have been on a roll lately with the Urban theme, then Noble, and now Ulterior. This theme is $6.99, can be purchased from www.elecite.com and is available for the Blackberry Bold, Curve 8900, and Storm!