Noble HomeScreen Now you see it, now you don’t is the best way to describe the latest theme called “Noble” by This theme features some of the best 3D icon models I’ve seen for icons & it really does distinguish what is used for what. Its main feature is a pop up dock that features 8 (9 for the Storm) customizable icons that can be hidden and reappear with the up/down buttons on the bottom of the screen.

Noble Homescreen Hidden

Also on the bottom is a calendar button. On the top we have three more with the Media, Clock, and Mail buttons. Wallpapers can also be changed and they look real good whether hidden or visible depending which one you use. This theme runs pretty smooth without lag that I’ve seen thus far.

Noble Icon Screen

On the Icon screen once again you can see all the details put into the icons on how they took their time to give each its own look & feel. Wallpaper also shows up behind the translucence of the icons holders. Everything seems to fit in nice on the top bar with the top, notifications, time/date, etc.

Noble Message Screen

I only had a couple gripes about the theme. One was that the Call Screen is pitch black, you don’t see your wallpaper, and I wish you could at least of seen the default wallpaper when making a call. Another thing was when you go to Sound Profiles, its so dim that it makes it hard to see the different Profiles to choose for your sound. Other than that I think this is one of my favorite themes to come from this year next to the Urban theme that came out a month or so ago. You can have just about everything on your homescreen (with the top/bottom buttons) and you’d be good to go.

The Noble Theme cost $6.99 and is available now for the Blackberry Bold, Curve 8900, and Storm at