Mechansim HomeScreen2The trend of innovative themes by the creators at Elecite continue with the Mechanism theme. On the top and bottom you have “Open” & “Close” buttons which can as you can see work for the left slot. The customizable slot houses 7 icons which look pretty cool when seen and it looks slick when closed. Notification icons are at the bottom.

Mechanism HomeScreen1

The four buttons are the Mail,Media,Calendar, Profile buttons. If set up right you can have everything on your homescreen and wouldn’t even have to go to the icon screen.

Mechanism Icon Screen

Icons are a bright neon blue which stand out pretty good. The bar at the top looks cool with the digital clock & fdate with the battery/signal meters. Maybe its just me but this icon screen reminds me of the Ascarii 2.0 theme i reviewed a couple months ago.

Mechanism Message Screen

The Mechanism theme cost $6.99 and is available now for the Blackberry Bold, Curve 8900, and Storm at