mifi-2200 WiFi has always been a technology with such promise. There are literally tons of gadgets that are WiFi compatible or can be used over WiFi which seems like a great thing, except one small fact; WiFi STILL isn’t everywhere. Oh how we wish for the day when (if it ever does happen) WiFi signals are all over the place that we can literally just hop on and use our WiFi devices freely and easily. Till then Verizon (and now Sprint) will at least empower us to control our own WiFi experience! Introducing the MiFi2200…

To be offered by Verzion Wireless come mid May (some are saying May 19th it might drop) and then by Sprint in June, the MiFi2200 isn’t a concept that we haven’t seen before. There have been devices before that gave users a WiFi coverage area where ever there was a cellular signal before, but those have been bulky and require you already have a data card. With the Mifi, you can purchase from the carrier and either get on a 2yr contract (Sprint/VZW) or pay for it just when you need it (VZW).

The Verizon Wireless one sounds like the better deal as with VZW you have the option of getting the device with a contract for a lower price or by paying a little more (about $270 which isn’t bad) and then having no contract. They offer a $15 24 hours period for the service that can be really useful if you don’t need it all the time. Sprint however requires you to have a contract. This is a great devices that will create your own “personal” WiFi bubble for you and up to 5 other people whenever you go. And the device in itself is very compact, stylish even. Definitely keep an eye out for this device, as I think we will try to get one to test and I know personally this is something I would be interested in buying!

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