BlueAnt If there is any truth to the phrase “There is strenght in numbers” then the M1 Stereo Bluetooth Speakers by BlueAnt are the wireless technology equivelant of the Incredible Hulk! Coming in at a whopping 28 Watt RMS, this portable unit is “one of the most powerful Bluetooth speakers in the world”. There is no doubt that the M1, with its internal Subwoofer and push button Bass Boost can get the party started this summer whether at a family gathering or an unauthorized backyard poolside cookout. Adding to its convienace is a rechargable battery that last for up to 10 hours and host of connectivity options that ensure you will never be without your theme music. These speakers allow you to play stereo music filles from a PC, MAC or mobile phone using Bluetooth A2DP pairing or by simply connecting the included 3.55mm cable jack to any MP3 player or Ipod. As you may know, A2DP technology (which allows for Stereo Bluetooth) has become an expected standard for all future mobile devices such as REM’s Blackberry, but Iphone users have no fear! Not one to be outdone, Apple announced that its highly anticipated 3.0 firmware release for the Iphone and Itouch will include an A2DP update, making all your M1 dreams come true. M1 paired w/ a Blackberry Now I understand that in todays economical climate, a pricetag of $199 might sound a little hefty but BlueAnt has included both a carrying case and a 2 year warranty to make sure that your investment is well protected. So if you ever require more kick in your musical diet, try BlueAnt’s portable powerhouse and see if it satisfies the hunger.

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