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Did You See This Week?: Dollhouse – Omega (Season Finale)

Ok what a season finale this was! This episode is also a bittersweet moment as these has been talk among the Twitter community that this will be the last episode of the show and Fox may not pick it back up for a second season. We certainly hope not as this was one of the best shows that have been on prime time lately, especially in it's Friday time slot.

Well in this season finale, so much more stuff gets reveal like the origin of Alpha, who he was before he was a doll, as well as revealing another person who is really a doll. This episode was crazy as the Dollhouse seems to be falling apart at the seams! Sound off and definitely let us know what you thought of this episode, the season, and the show altogether!

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  1. i enjoyed the series. i just didn’t like how the women were sex slaves on some of the engagements. sadly i don’t see this show returning next season. i hope it does, but based on past experience i don’t see it happening. guess i am preparing myself for the worst. hahaa

  2. I started following this series since I heard it was a Joss Whedon project. I was big fan of Buffy and Angel and was glad see another Joss Whedon show. I have thoroughly enjoyed this series since the first episode and am pretty sad to hear that FOX might cancel this series and not bring it back next season. I would say that most of the episodes this season have been pretty clever. They were always dropping clues here and there that lead up to the last 2 episodes of the season. This episode, Omega, was by far the best episode of the season with so many twists and turns that they just have to bring it back next season!


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