urban-homescreen One of the most fun themes brought to you once again by the developers www.elecite.com, the Urban Theme is one is so cool where the background changes every hour on the hour(that you started using it).


The homescreen sports 8 customizable icons that scroll up/down at a angled slot so you can still see the beauty and great definition of the backgrounds. Signal/Battery icons are positioned under that and look nice and simple, notification icons @ top.


Icons screen has the blackberry default icons and behind that is a great background. i do wish that the background changed every hour like the homescreen also but maybe that will happen in the next revision if there is one.


Great theme and I been using it so far and haven’t found any faults with it. Also the blackberry seems to run great & smooth without problems using the theme.


The Urban Theme is available now on www.elecite.com for $5.99 for the Blackberry Curve 8900, Blackberry Bold, and Blackberry Storm.