xberry-2 Feel like your in the game with the new xBerry theme presented by Elecite.com. I guess their PS3 theme was such a huge hit they had to bring something for the XBox 360 fans, even if your not a fan its a great theme to have anyway. Its a Zen Bottom Today theme which hosts a Connection & Profile tab on the left/right, Calendar/Messages tabs in the middle, and custom icons on the bottom. The battery meter is cool as it looks the controller indicator on the 360.


Each icon was designed to give you that Xbox 360 feeling like your navigating on the system itself. The usual notifications,date/time are hosted at the top.


Great looking theme and not one Xbox 360 fan should be without. I do only wish that the Connections/Profile tabs were able to be changed for other things as i don’t use those much but its cool though. The xBerry theme is available now on Elecite.com for $6.99 for the Blackberry 8900, 83xx, 88xx, 9000, & 95xx. If you use the code “xberry” you get 40% off for a limited time.