archos-10-angle So we have now had the Archos 10 for about 2 weeks now and it’s time to weigh in on the Mini PC. We must say on the onset that we really like the size of the Archos 10 and it is a Netbook/MiniPC/Mini Notebook that we would consider buying. So let’s get right into it.

So we liked the sheer size of the Archos 10, it is small, compact, we don’t want to say light weight but light enough. The Archos 10 has a 10.2 inch screen and this sometime leads to problems. Well not so much problems but slight annoyance when looking at some websites and they look so huge due to the max resolution. But this is to be expected with a screen so small, so we’re not going to really knock it. The battery life on it wasn’t bad, we got about 2-3 hours with WiFi which seems to be on average, without WiFi on, a little more. We loved it when we connected it to our HDTV to which we proceeded to watch Seasons 1 through 4 of The Office from it and it was great.

archo10-2.jpgWe must speak on the keyboard. Going from a full laptop to the Archos 10 is a little daunting, there is a learning curve as I had to get use to the keys and kept hitting keys that I was use to being in a certain position and then it not being there. I don’t know how much active typing I would want to do on it, because of it’s smaller size, but for the casual typing it wasn’t that bad at all.

For the price which is $329.99 for the 3 cell battery (though we’d spring for the 6 cell for $349.99) it is a very good PC. We wouldn’t recommend it as your main PC, but as a secondary one or if you are apart of the College set, this would be a good one to play with. This would be a great pc for surfing the way and that is what it is made for. Boot this up and sign into your Gmail, hop on Facebook/Twitter/MySpace, and just surf. Or wait a movie on it for trips, it is perfect for that. For your $349.99 you get the 10.2 screen, built in webcam, 160GB, 1GB of RAM, and comes with Windows XP. If your interested in checking out it, then definitely hit up

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