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Did You See Last Week?: Heroes – 1961

You’ll have to forgive us as we thought we had put this one up. In this episode titled 1961, we see that the Heroes story goes way back to when Angela Petrelli was a young girl. In this one we also find out that Angela has a sister and who she was and what happened to her. Now since this is a little old now, we briefly say that we didn’t get the point of introducing her sister just to take her right back out the plot like they did. Didn’t make sense to us really, but what did you think, sound off in the comments!

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  1. Yea I didn’t get it either. I was a little peeved because Heroes has finally been getting back to the show I fell in love with but I wasted an hour of my life watching bodies being dug up, a storm brewing and a pissed off little sister. *yawns* LOL


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