50% All Elecite.com Themes is Back Again!


Today means the weekend is almost here, and we all can’t wait to start the weekend. But just as soon as it begins, the weekend end and we all are not looking forward to Monday, except now. On Monday Elecite.com will again be running it’s 50% off all themes on it’s site from Monday April 20th till Wednesday April 23rd. It’s a 72 hour sale!

These theme are no jokes, the team at eVeek/Elecite, boast many of the hottest themes we’re covered here for the Blackberry device. Some of our favorites include the Inspirat, Ascarii 2.0, Sector, Scion, and Blingin to name a few. And starting Monday you can get these for half off. You’ll need the promo code which is 0501, so don’t forget that when you order to use that code!

So Monday when you are regretting coming back into work, go stop by www.elecite.com and buy some Blackberry themes!