eoswirlesssystem We’ve said it before but “wireless” is definitely cool and stylish. And in a world overrun but iPods/iPhones, a complete wireless audio system built around them is something that calls attention. EOS just sent us their complete wireless Multi-Room Audio system. And when we say completed, we mean it. We thought we was just going to get the base and one speaker, but as you can see from the picture it is the base and 4 speakers (one is included in the box with the base).

The EOS Wireless Multi-Room Audio System allows you to connect your iPod or iPhone to it and then broadcast music up to 150 ft indoors or 300 ft outdoor away. With 4 speakers you can place one in all the rooms of your home and then listen to music. Be sure to stay tuned for a complete review up coming. For now check out the rest of the Unboxing images in the Gallery!

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