psb1 Are there any Playstation 3 lovers in the house? Well prepare to have your other favorite gadget look like your PS3 as well. has done it again with their latest theme, the PSB. This team is always one to bring something unique to the Blackberry theme game and with this one there is no exception to that!

The PSB theme has 4 columns that look like the scheme of the PS3 and when you highlight a row another 3 icons display in that column, which follows a “theme of that row. So if you highlight the Media column so to speak, the next 3 icons are Music player, Camera, and Video Camera. If you was on the options column, you would see the profiles, manage connections, and clock icons. With this set up you can have a total of 20 icons on your homescreen! AND there is still a customizable area. On the first column you can make the icons whatever you want.


There isn’t much more to add to this. This theme looks great and is a nice copy of the PS3 look, if you are a PS3 lover and you like to have the same look on your BB, this is the one for you. We should also note that the theme is wallpaper friendly, so that is a add bonus! The theme goes for $6.99 and is available for the Blackberry Bold, Storm, and Curve 8900. You can pick this theme up and more at