Come Join the G Style Magazine Team

446px-uncle_sam_pointing_finger Ok for the 2009 we are looking to expand the team so that we can provide you guys more information, more reviews, more videos, and more G Style goodness. And to do this, we want to grow the team more, so if your a lover of gadget and a reader of G Style we want you!

Now while this isn’t pay in the traditional sense, we do offer various perks for working for us. Some of our team gets access to freed movies, software and themes for their phones, accessories, and gadgets. Lets take a look at some of the stuff that has come through our doors:

-Blackberry themes by the best people like,, Hedone Design, Jason Calhoun, and more.
-Mobile phones of all sources and accessories
-iPods and other MP3 players
-Slingboxes , M-Audio equipment, and Archos products
-Blackberry, and other mobile phones software
-Press access to special events (Digital Life Expo, CES, etc)

All this and more and working for us is simple. All it involves is finding cool and stylish consumers electronics that you already love and think is cool & writing about them here. Our team is only required to write one article a week (though more is encouraged), so working for us isn’t time consuming. If you think you would be interested in this, shoot us a email at jointheteam at gstylemag dot com.

Must be in the New York City area for some areas. When you email we can discuss further.