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The Archos 10 MiniPc UnBoxing

archo10-1 It seems one of the most widely talked about subjects recently has been that of the Netbook. Seems like all the rave now as many of the major companies are now putting out Netbooks to satisfy the desire of those who don’t need a lot of computing power, but just want something small and light to access the web on the go.

We happened to be looking at the Archos website and notice they have a Netbook in their roster though they are calling it a MiniPC. Archos a great company known for their portable media devices like the Archos 705 WiFi and now their Internet Media Tablets such as the Archos 5 and 7, have dipped into the Netbook game as well. Taken from their website:

“With Microsoft® Windowsâ„¢ XP, its built-in webcam, its 160 GB hard drive and its WiFi and USB 3G-ready connection features, we’re sure it’s the MiniPC you’re waiting for.

But there’s more. You’re ready to go with the ARCHOS 10 because it comes fully equipped with must-have software and solutions.
You’re ready to connect with all the mobility and connectivity features built-in, from WiFi to Internet Explorer®. It includes virus protection (BitDefender™ Antivirus 2009) and parental control (Parental Filter™) to monitor activity should you need to.
You’re ready to work with Lotus® Symphony and Outlook® Express. Lotus Symphony will let you create, view and edit your doc files, your spreadsheets or your presentations. And Outlook® Express is the standard application when it comes to email. Any POP or IMAP account can be managed with it.

Last but not least, you’re Ready to Play with all the cool multimedia applications we’ve selected for you. From the ARCHOS Media Club and its movie catalog to the world of unlimited music with eMusicâ„¢, with XnViewâ„¢ for managing pictures, vTunerâ„¢ and its lists of Web TV and Web Radio stations specially picked for you, your ARCHOS 10 is ready for entertainment.”

We will have a full review coming soon, so stay tuned for that, for now check out these UnBoxing images in the Gallery.

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  1. I was going to get a Netbook for my son on his 9th birthday but had an incident in Best Buy so it didn’t happen. But after reading this I will look into this more and maybe get this one for myself. Hmmmz…

  2. If you are interested in a Netbook, I would also check out the HP Mini 1000, that one looks interesting as well. We’ll be trying to review that one next.


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