twitterlogoSo if you don’t know what Twitter is by now, you must leave under a digital rock! Twitter is all the rave right now, and everyone from big companies, bloggers, celebs, to even our President is on it! You can check out Twitter by going to But what is Twitter exactly? Twitter has different meanings depending on who you talk to. It is a Micro-Blogging, SMS on Steroids, a giant IM chat, a broadcasting platform, a promotional tool….It’s even been said that is your Blog is your home, then Twitter is happy hour!

One of the greatest things I find about Twitter is it’s API offering! There are some many ways to use this great site. You can use it from the website, from your desktop, mobile phone (SMS), there are applications for Blackberry, iPhone, G1, and more. And there is a whole host of sites that provide stats and other services related to the site. Today I want to take you on a ride of how I navigate this TwitterWorld.

I use Twitter via 2 accounts, the first is right here for this very site, so G Style Magazine has a Twitter account (, and from it we populate it with our articles on here, to keep the Twitter community up to date with the sites, as well as thoughts and opinions from us that relate to G Style Magazine, we also interact with our readers on there, so if your on Twitter, be sure to hit us up! I have also a person account on there (, where I share my thoughts that I don’t want to be viewed being G Style Magazine thoughts on the matter. G Style Magazine’s co-owner as well is on there ( So on any given day I am logged into my personal account and need to have the G Style one accessible to me as well. I do this by a variety or methods and I thought I share them with you.


When I have the option of being at a desktop computer or laptop, I have to say, my favorite app to use to access Twitter is definitely Tweetdeck. The smoothness of desktop application is great, I usually have my Tweetdeck broken up into 2 sections; All Friends, Replies, and Direct Messages. The rest I open up as needed. I mainly use Tweetdeck for my personal account, and if I need to be on the G Style one, I use it from the main site at When I’m on the go, my preferred application as a Blackberry Bold use is SocialScope ( for my personal account and Twitterberry for the G Style account. I like SocialScope as it to me has the best UI for the the Blackberry apps. It also does more than Twitter, but allowing you to add Facebook statuses as well. It also will show you Twitpic pictures in the app instead of having you go to the site. Now since no Blackberry app for Twitter that I know of supports multiple accounts, I use Twitterberry for G Style if I need to tweet something for the magazine on the go.

Besides a Blackberry, I have a iPhone 3G and on there I use TwitterFon for my iPhone. I love TwitterFon for the simple fact that viewing messages is the easiest from the iPhone. I can’t say I like typing on there, but I love viewing or catching up on tweets (especially in the mornings) from the iPhone. Another application I use for Twitter is Viigo. Now while I don’t use Viigo to view my updates and talk, I love Viigo’s ability to post links from articles I’m reading on the app straight to Twitter in one click.

viigotangoSo if I had to break down my daily routine, it would flow like this. Morning time , open up TwitterFon on the iPhone, catch up on tweets I missed from the time I went to bed and then woke up, type some quick replies and then close the app. Open up Viigo, read articles and post interesting ones to Twitter from within the app. Get to the office, open up Tweetdeck (personal account), and log into (for the G Style account). On the return trip one, open up Viigo again (I read Viigo during the commute to and from work like others read a newspaper) and post articles I read to Twitter. After this is done, open up SocialScope and twitter from there till I get home to which I open back on Tweetdeck if I get on my laptop, otherwise just stay on SocialScope until I head to bed for the night.

And this is how I navigate the TwitterWorld. I use a mash up of TwitterFon, Viigo, TweetDeck, SocialScope, and Twitterberry to access this site. How about you? What do you use? And if more than one application, share your story with us in the comment section, we’d love to hear it!

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