inspirat homescreen Inspired by Windows 7 this has to be one of my all-time favorite themes I used on my 8900. The homescreen consists of 4 interchangeable icons, & a Windows “start” button that has a host of nice tabs.Tabs include All Programs(Icons screen), Profiles, Connections,Media, Control Panel(Options), & Shut Down(Lock/Power Off).

inspirat icons screen

The Icons screen also has a good feel of Vista/7 as all the 1st party icons are detailed like your on the PC. Top bar conveniently showcases the usual time,date, Bluetooth, WiFi stuff.

inspirat msgs

Message menu bars has a cool see-thru effect about them & date is placed right on top without being blocked.

Overall great theme, really no complaints about it @ all. If your a avid Windows Vista/7 user you should feel right @ home with this theme.

This theme is going for $6.99 and it is available animated ONLY for the Blackberry Bold, Storm, Curve 8900 and NON-animated for the Pearl, Curve, and 8800 Series. For more information definitely check out