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Ciara fea Justin Timberlake “Love Sex Magic”

This is Ciara’s last song/video, featuring Justin Timberlake in this one and it is called “Love Sex Magic”. Ciara is definitely an artist to watch out for. It’s been said that Ciara has the baddest body in the game, and while people may sweat Beyonce, Ciara doesn’t have the body and the moves to easily trump “Misses Hova” any day! Teamed up with Justin Timberlake, this is a sexy, bounce filled song. However we can’t help but feel like the beat is something we’ve heard before off Justin’s last album with the melody and tempo! That being said, it is still a good song, and definitely worth checking out, especially this video!

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  1. Nice video. idk some points i kept thinking of Janet. But i think i like Ciara better then Beyonce. Ill take Ciara if no1 wants her! haha. yea the song does remind me alittle of a couple JT tracks. but its a good track tho

  2. Well personally I like the version on my ipod better when its just JT singing. I am not a Ciara fan BUT after watching the video I can stomach this song a little better with her singing it :) I see too many influences in her video tho I see Janet, Beyonce; etc, however this is waaaaay better than her last video tho its good to see she didn’t completely fall off lol


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