ascarii homescreen The great designers at Elecite/ bring you Version 2.0 of their hot car based Ascarii theme. Definitely a eye catcher when you take out your Blackberry, they pulled no punches with this one. Rocking smooth black leather interior and what looks like a display for your dashboard this theme is doing big things.

On the homescreen we have a animated gauge for your battery and another for your signal strength. Sports six customizable home icons fits notifications for your messaging,email needs.

ascarii icons

Icon screen showcases more of that slick interior with the dashboard with gauges. One thing I disliked was their are no notifications @ the top. Maybe that has to do with when it sleeps it goes back to the home screen. but i always like to see notifications @ the top. Maybe that is just me though.

ascarii msgs

Overall, theme is very detailed and the black/red/silver go great together. Once again wish it showed was the notifications but maybe that would take away from the excellent look for the theme.

The theme cost $6.99 and is available for the Blackberry Bold, Curve 8900, and Storm at