The Sterling Theme by

sterling homescreen Shiny like sterling silver this theme has a nice side animated slot on the homescreen that scrolls up & down and holds eight customizable icons. Notifications for your msgs are conveniently placed on the bottom & your WiFi/Bluetooth icons on the top.

sterling icon screen

Next up we have the icon screen which sports stylish metallic icons for a majority of the 1st party icons. Top bar has everything placed nicely in it. Wish it was a little see-thru for the backgrounds though.

sterling msg section

Overall, theme looks great, and depending what background you give it looks awesome as it will make it stand out even more. One thing I wasn’t fond of is when the phone goes in standby in icon screen it goes back to the homescreen, minor setback to me though.

This theme is available for the Curve 8900 now, as well as the Bold and the Storm. You can get this theme from, you just have to register as a member before you can, but registration is free.