witchmountain So coming out this weekend is “Race to Witch Mountain” a remake of the classic Walt Disney movie “Escape to Witch Mountain”. In this new version a taxi driver named Jack Bruno (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) picks up two kids, Sara and Seth(Ciaran Hinds and Anna – Sophia Robb), who he believes are runaways and decides to drive them on a long distance journey to an undisclosed destination. He soon realizes that these are not ordinary kids and they aren’t runaways, but actually running from government officials. The reason being is because they are actually aliens who have landed on earth with a specific mission they must accomplish.

Now let me start this review by saying something to whoever decided to put Dwayne Johnson in this movie. Now as most people I’d say over the age of 13 or more would know, Dwayne Johnson use to play a character named “The Rock” in the World Wrestling Entertainment organization. He left wrestling to become a full time actor 5 years ago. Now with that knowledge, let me say that this film in my opinion is geared towards kids maybe 12 years or younger. So at the time Dwayne was wrestling, they would have been around 7 years old. I believe that kids over 12 are not going to be interested in this movie. So if you’re trying to find his true fan base you have to market him in movies for anyone over the age of 12, so that they would even know who he is. Ok with that being said, we know that Dwayne does have a great charisma, we saw that when he was a wrestler and in movies like “The Run Down”, “Be Cool”, and “Get Smart”. Do you follow where I’m going with this? Those comedic/action roles were geared towards teenagers and adults who were fans of his. I just don’t think this was a good role for Mr. Johnson. Ok with that being said let me get to the movie itself. This movie didn’t even stand up to the original version in which the two kids were witches. The effects and action were kind of lame, and I felt the two child actors where just not good. They seemed to be overacting and they gave no life to the characters they were playing.

In a pleasant surprise the actors who were the kids in the original ETWM movie circa 1975, made cameos in this new version. Kim Richards played a waitress and Ike Eisenmann played a sheriff in a scene at a diner were because of their help Jack and the kids escape the clutches of the government officials. There is also a kind of robot assassin chasing the kids in this movie. That was just plain unbelievable. He’s blowing up stuff, shooting lasers, throwing Jack around, but they always seemed to escape. Then you question, if these kids have these powers why don’t they stop running and fight this robot and at least get him off their trail? I remember the original ETWM back in 1975, I was 7yrs old and I enjoyed it very much. Today, kids 7 yrs olds have seen so much more action and effects then what was available back in 1975. They could have put way more visual effects into this movie. The original even had a sequel,”Return to Witch Mountain”. I don’t see this one having that much of a following for them to consider making another. I give this movie 1 ½ planets out of 4. To the studios that want Dwayne Johnson as a movie crowd bringer, remember his fan base are people over the age of 14. The movie is rated PG for sequences of action and violence, frightening and dangerous situations, and some thematic elements. It was directed by Andy Fickman. It was written by Matt Lopez, Mark Bomback. Taken from a story by Matt Lopez, and source material from the novel “Escape to Witch Mountain” by Alexander Key (II). It was produced Gunn Films. It was distributed by Buena Vista Pictures Distribution.

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