Who is Melrose you might ask? For one that are Mylah and Kelee, & Mylah definitely isn’t no stranger to us here at G Style Magazine. To the G Style faithful who remember us back when we were an all HTML monthly digital magazine remember us interviewing Mylah back in 2006. You can still actually read that here. Flash forward to 2009 and Melrose is the movement!

_mg_5416aMelrose is like the best of two worlds in one group. You’ve got Mylah with a sweet and clear voice, Kelee with a sultry, smoky voice. Mylah’s an edgy fashionista, Kelee’s a pretty glam girl. Together, the sound is undeniable. Both girls are self-proclaimed lovers of the stage and their personalities shine through whether they’re performing, doing video blogs, or just vibing together. Their energy is contagious and it’s the mix of that energy coupled with true talent and passion that sets Melrose apart from the other “new crop” of girl groups on the horizon. It’s not just a look, one hot song, or their performance….Melrose is a mindset and a way of life! They’re the girls that girls want to be and the guys want to be with.

Kelee is and LA native that has been singing since she was a small child and that talent was always nurtured and encouraged by her mother. As an only child, singing in groups gave Kelee an outlet to showcase her talent as well as get noticed by many producers in the LA scene. Her influences range from soul singers like Gladys, Patti and Aretha to modern day stylists like Brandy.

Mylah is from Indiana where she grew up in the church choir and witnessed her parents’ band rehearsals in their home as a little girl. She started off as a dancer but once she started winning talent shows, singing overruled the dancing. Mylah’s influences are Anita Baker, Sade, Faith Evans, and , of course, Brandy. (Brandy is the girls’ favorite singer ).

_mg_5363 Both girls were hand-selected by Grammy Award winning songwriter/producer Adonis Shropshire to comprise Melrose. Although initially a trio, Kelee and Mylah have always been the anchor of the group (they named each other “The Tag Team” in the studio because of how quickly they’d knock out songs together!) and so late ’08, they decided to become a duo.

Melrose has been blessed to have worked with some of the best in the biz already (Danja, Swizz, Rodney Jerkins, Bryan Michael Cox), but they’re still recording their debut album, working largely with Adonis, and co-writing the new songs with him. With their remix to Jamie Foxx’s “Blame It” and hot club banger “KandiSto”, Melrose is looking to make major noise very very soon!

Stay connected to Melrose by checking them out on their newly released website or you can follow them on Twitter (

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