streamline homescreen Slick & smooth is the way you can best describe this Theme. I see why it called Streamline as it has such a good fluid look to it as you can see. The Homescreen features 6 interchangeable icons, a Messages tab & a Calendar tab showcasing the next 3 scheduled events.

streamline icons

Next up is the icons screen. Icons are detailed very nicely to which each one stands out. Each one depicts graphically what it does so you don’t even have to look @ the name to remember.

streamline msgs

Overall excellent detailed theme, only thing I wish was maybe the main homescreen clock was another color besides black, other then that I love this theme & been using it alot lately.

This theme is available for the Blackberry Bold, Blackberry Storm and the new Blackberry Curve 8900 for $7.00 (currently on sale for $6.00) and you can pick it up at