hope-1 Hope comes to the new Blackberry Curve 8900 and in a big way. A nice & detailed theme brought to us by Jason Calhoun. Homescreen features 8 user customizable icons to your liking. It displays the stars & stripes on the home screen and also it has nice little stars around the icon you choose & shows a nice picture of the american flag. Shows us Change is coming to the new wave of Blackberries.


Next up is the main screen. All the original icons have been detailed to fit the look of the theme and that is great, even the 3rd party apps dont look bad. my only gripe about the theme is the Obama face hidden behind the icons. i wish we could of seen more of it. Maybe in the keylock section, besides just the phone screen. Overall great looking theme and I’d recommend.


This theme is available for the Blackberry Bold and the new Blackberry Curve 8900 for $7.00 (currently on sale for $6.00) and you can pick it up at www.jasoncalhoun.com


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