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500 Posts Under Our Belts, 500th Post Giveaway!

newlogogstylecoverNow while 500 posts may not seem like a big number to most, it is definitely to us as this is our 500 post since we have converted to our current site format. See back in the day we use to be completely HTML and had a completely different layout. We converted over to our current structure in October 2007, making this our 500 post since then! So to honor this milestone for us, we have decide to celebrate by giving away a Peek email device and a Creative Vado video camera!


Ok to enter all you have to do is make a comment in here before the end for this week. But there is a catch, since we want to know who we are dealing with, it has a facebook connected comment! Thanks goodness doing this is really simple. Just look for the button on the site and click it. Once you have connected with us, just come back and leave a comment on this post. On Sunday the giveaway will be closed and we will pick a winner!

Don’t forget it has to be a Facebook Connected comment, so be sure to click on the button first, otherwise it won’t count!

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  1. Just so everyone knows, you don’t have to be the 500th comment or within 500 comments to win. you just have to have a comment in before end of the week. The 500th post is meant as the 500 article G Style Magazine has published on our site.

  2. Hello everybody!!! I am new to G Style but I like it…………Hey VerSe (I was the one who commented to you on that OLD pic of Puffy and wuts-her-face……..I know I know I know I am crazy! Get used to it! :) Peace! P.S congrats on posting 500 articles….pretty soon it’ll be 1000……then you’ll stop counting, but we’ll keep reading!

  3. Thanks Rachelle and joining us here, be sure to keep coming back and ahhh got ya now, yea that was an old post but since you was new to the site, all good :o)


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